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Global Pact on Education

Global Pact on Education

Global Compact on Education

When an educational community cares and thinks of solutions related to Educational issues, it is necessary to include and to listen to everyone.

And when the call for this reflection comes from an authority like the Pope, we, as a bilingual school, and Middle School, as the final segment of this cycle, decided to include the thematic units of the Global Pact in our planning of the 3rd Bimester.

With diversified activities, students explored different themes (global village, dream school and the use of social networks) and created artistic presentations as the final product of the project.

In these activities, students were sensitized to the themes, participated in discussions, got involved and engaged in an active and participatory way, and shared their reflections with other Middle School students.

We are living in a moment in which we increasingly need to slow down and rethink attitudes, this was a very rich moment for the exercise of socio-emotional skills, something that the world demands from the individuals of the future.

Check some of the productions from Grade 6 to Grade 9.

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Quando uma comunidade educativa se propõe a pensar soluções para questões ligadas à Educação, é preciso incluir e ouvir a todos.

E quando o chamado para esta reflexão parte de uma autoridade como o Papa, nós, como escola bilíngue, e o Middle School, como segmento final deste ciclo, nos preocupamos em incluir, no planejamento do 3º Bimestre os eixos temáticos do Pacto Educativo Global.

Com atividades diversificadas, os alunos exploraram diferentes temáticas (aldeia global, escola dos sonhos e o uso das redes sociais) e elaboraram apresentações artísticas como produto final do trabalho.

Nestas atividades, os alunos foram sensibilizados em relação aos temas, participaram de discussões, se envolveram e se engajaram de forma ativa e participativa, e socializaram suas reflexões com outros alunos do Middle School.

Em um momento global no qual precisamos cada vez mais desacelerar e repensar atitudes, este foi um momento muito rico de exercício das habilidades socioemocionais, algo que o mundo exige do sujeito do futuro.

Vejam aqui algumas produções do Grade 6 ao Grade 9.

Simone Gellhaar

Coordenadora Pedagógico-Educacional

do Middle School e High School

Grade 6

Depoimentos do Grade 6 sobre as apresentações

Apresentação do Grade 7 A

Apresentação do Grade 7 B

Apresentação do Grade 7 C

Texto do Grade 7 C

Hello my fellow friends. We are here to talk about school behaviour. As much as we already talked about this, unfortunately it still happens with frequency. The same topic we already mentioned several times: bullying, respect and hypocrisy.

You are tired to hear about this, and we are tired to talk about it, but statistics prove that since the 20s suicides rates have increased 30%. This only proves that bullying didn’t stop, even after a lot of campaigns.

Bullying ends people’s mental health, and if you continue to be quiet and pretend you are not caring, it is equal to supporting this behavior. If you can help, you should. If you have your voice, use it. What are you waiting for? Friends, we need to stop this. “Today, August 3, 2021, I lost my son, a pain that only those who feel will understand. And this is about the last post I had made, the comments. He posted a video, a teenage joke with his friends, and thought people would find it funny, but they didn’t, as usual people oozing hatred on the internet. As always, people leave nasty comments. My son ended up taking his life. I have no floor”- says Walkyria, after losing her son. What if it was your mom instead of Walkyria?

Bullying happens on the internet, just like in school. People trying to be superior, and people trying to be cool. To step on where there isn’t a floor. But this is not fun, the only thing that is true, is that you are as bad as a criminal, because if you can’t kill someone with a gun, you’ll kill them with your words, right?

And today we will hear a lot of speeches about suicides and bullying but will it really work? Are they really true? People are hypocrites, and most of them will make wonderful speeches, and act not wonderful in real life, isn’t it? We can count from 20 to 30 people here who will use beautiful words, but minutes later will continue doing their silly jokes with women, feminism and queer, pretending they are being cool. Because, after all, we are just doing this for grades, am I right? Pretending you care about the cause, while in reality you don’t. It may seem funny to joke with people and who they are, but believe me, it’s not. This is called hypocrisy: saying something and doing the exact opposite. And well, you are hypocrites. Or are we wrong?

We listed several problems that happened and still happens with frequency. So, if you really care about the cause, here are some tips for you to follow: I’m pretty sure you already heard this before, but it is important to say it again and every time: don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want them to do to you. Other than that, never laugh at these jokes. This just inflates these people’s ego. And other, never, never be quiet. Just when the situation is really serious. In this case, if it happens to you, don’t try to answer with the same aggression. In other cases that are not these, position yourself against the bully, showing him/her/they that he/she/them are wrong. Because most of the time, these people have no arguments. How many people you could’ve helped that you didn’t?

In conclusion, it is important to accept/respect diversity, never judge people by who they are or are not, and mainly, never practice hate speech, because we are beautiful in our own way.

Vídeo do Grade 7

Poema do Grade 8

Grade 9

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